Personal Injury

When a person is injured through the fault of another, they need an experienced professional in their corner to fight for them and ensure that they are justly compensated. We are there for you to do this.


Our personal injury practice deals with seeking compensation for personal injuries resulting from automobile accidents, slip and falls, assault and numerous other cases. We negotiate settlements and prepare and litigate personal injury matters in federal and state courts.

We are sensitive to the economic and personal stress which often accompany a serious injury. Our individual concern for our clients coupled with our resolute pursuit of each client’s rights, we believe, are the key to effective representation.

The attorneys and investigators in this practice area serve our clients when they need legal representation the most. Whether it is the unbearable pain and suffering of a serious injury or the loss of income from the inability to work, we are especially sensitive to the needs of those individuals involved in accidents causing serious personal injury. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no charge to you unless a settlement or verdict is achieved on your behalf.

We handle all personal injury cases on a “no-win, no-fee” percentage basis which means we do not get paid unless we recover compensation for you.

We will cover all costs and expenses and will only be reimbursed if we get money for you. Whether you were injured in Los Angeles County, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside or Ventura Counties, or anywhere else in California, we can assist you with your claim for compensation. Our personal injury,and wrongful death lawyers help people who have been injured, and the loved ones of those killed, because of accidents and the negligent or deliberate actions of others. We represent clients in personal injury, defective pharmaceutical drugs, and wrongful death lawsuits including:

  • Serious Automobile Accidents can cause terrible injuries. If you are looking for a car accident lawyer, it is important to find one with the right credentials. Whether from speeding, texting while driving, being rear-ended, side-swiped, t-boned or caused to roll over, the injuries in a car wreck can be some of the most serious seen in personal injury cases. When you or a loved one are injured in an auto crash, the financial hardships caused by medical expenses and loss of income can be devastating. Immediately after your accident, you should take important steps that will preserve your rights and protect you from the other driver’s insurance company. The insurance adjuster is not there to help you. They are employed by the insurance company to save money. It is that simple. They will try to stop you from obtaining the damages you are entitled to receive. Also, do not hire anybody that approaches you or calls you offering medical or legal services for your case. These people are scam artists and are breaking the law. They will settle your case for less than you are entitled to receive.
  • Drunk Driving DWI Accident Lawyers. We have represented many victims of accidents caused by drunk drivers. When you or a loved one are the victim of vehicle crash caused by a drunk driver, you should retain a competent personal injury lawyer to aggressively pursue the drunk for the damages and injuries he or she has caused. Accidents caused by drunk drivers often cause the most devastating injuries due to their outrageous driving. The wrongful conduct by the DWI offender can entitle you to punitive damages for your injuries. These are damages over and above those for your injuries. It is for this reason that it is our policy to demand no less than the full policy limits available from the drunk driver’s insurance company. Also, under California law, it is a crime to give your car to a drunk driver. In some cases, the person who handed over the keys to the drunk driver might also be liable. This is known as negligent entrustment. You need a seasoned personal injury attorney to properly handle this matter to ensure that you receive all the compensation available.
  • Truck Accident Lawyers. We represent folks who have been injured by the careless actions of truck drivers. 18-wheeler truck and other commercial vehicle accidents can be caused by many factors. Often, truck accidents are caused by driver error or improper maintenance of the truck. Most often, truck accidents are caused by the following:
    1. Truck Accidents Caused by Driver Fatigue Driver fatigue is one of the major causes of big truck accidents.  Regulations limit the time a driver can be on the road but these rules can be ignored causing serious accidents.
    2. Truck Accidents Caused by Driver Inattention As in other vehicular accidents, inattention of the driver can have devastating consequenses.  Whether caused by cell phone use, texting, reading or just general lack of attention, driver inattention is a major problem in truck operation.
    3. Truck Accidents Caused by Driver Intoxication Intoxication causing accidents with big rig trucks is not always the result of alcohol abuse.  While major accidents happen when drunks get behind the wheel, intoxication can also result from drug abuse.
    4. Truck Accidents Caused by Driver Negligence Truck drivers owe a duty to the public to operate their rigs in a safe manner.  When they fall below that standard of care, accidents can happen resulting in serious injuries.
    5. Truck Accidents Caused by Faulty Equipment When a company tries to save money at the expense of public safety, equipment failre can result causing crashes.
    6. Truck Accidents Caused by Improper Securing of Load Drivers should know how to secure their load properly.  When the either don’t know or just don’t do it right, this negligent conduct can result in injuries to other drivers.
    7. Truck Accidents Caused by Inadequate Driver Training Trucking companies are required to properly train their drivers.  When they fail to do so, they are creating a danger to the public by putting an inexperienced driver on the road.
    8. Truck Accidents Caused by Poor Maintenance Laws and regulations require owners and drivers to properly maintain their trucks.  There is are good reasons for this – lack of proper maintenance can result on truck accidents or items falling off trucks cauing injury to others.
    9. Truck Accidents Caused by Safety Violations Continual safetly violations are a big problem.  However, even one violation can cause devastating injuries to fellow drivers.

If you have been injured in a truck/car accident that was caused by a semi tractor-trailer truck, you must have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side immediately to ensure that the accident scene is investigated appropriately to preserve your claim for damages. Call our office if you have been injured in a truck accident anywhere in California.

  • Bus Accident Lawyers. Were you injured while a passenger on a bus or in a car that was hit by a bus? Bus drivers are held to a high standard of safety and their employers are held accountable for their carelessness. Bus injuries are usually caused by driver mistakes but can also be the result of faulty maintenance of the bus. If you have been hurt in a bus accident, you should contact a board certified injury specialist as soon as you can after the wreck to preserve your right to compensation.
  • Motorcycle Accident Lawyers. We have successfully handled many cases on behalf of injured bikers. Bikers have the same right to be on the road as any other motor vehicle driver. Unfortunately, some automobile drivers don’t agree with this fact. Motorcycle accidents cause terrible injuries. If you were injured in a car wreck while riding your motorcycle, contact our office.
  • Industrial Injury Lawyers. Explosions, plant explosions, construction accidents, mesothelioma caused by asbestos exposure, and worker’s compensation non-subscriber injuries are all dangers in the workplace. If you have been injured at work, contact a personal injury attorney immediately to get advice on your options.
  • Boating Accident Lawyers. Were you injured while on a recreational boat? Many laws apply to operators of boats that may have prevented your injuries. Contact a boating injury lawyer to discuss your right to be paid for your injuries and damages. Often, boating accidents are caused when the operator is drunk. It is not only illegal to captain a boat while intoxicated but it is extremely dangerous to passengers an other people on the water.
  • Injuries to Children. Was your child injured in a daycare or while riding a bicycle? Our lawyers have extensive experience handling injury claims on behalf of children including those hurt through the negligence of daycare workers and drivers.
  • Dog Bite Injury Lawyers. Were you or a loved one attacked by a vicious dog? Our dog bite lawyers have handled many cases on behalf of injured children and adults who have been attacked by dogs and suffered injuries. Oftentimes, the homeowners insurance of the dog owner will pay for your injuries and damages. Dog attacks can cause permanent disfiguring injuries and psychological damages – especially in children.
  • Premises Liability Lawyers. Were you or a loved one injured while on a premises of another – such as a grocery store, or a restaurant – due to their negligence? The law requires property owners to protect their guests from unreasonably dangerous conditions. Such conditions can include wet floors, uneven flooring, broken/unsafe railings, falling merchandise and many other factors. If you were injured in a commercial premises or on private property, you might be entitled to compensation from the owner’s insurance company. Call us today for a free consultation.
  • Malpractice. Whether legal malpractice or medical malpractice, mistakes by professionals you trusted can cause you further damage and cost. We will aggressively pursue your claim against an impaired or negligent lawyer or doctor.
  • Pedestrian Injury Lawyers. If you were injured while walking or jogging, you are entitled to be compensated if the injuries were caused by a negligent driver. Whether at a crosswalk or on the roadside, injuries to pedestrians can be serious and life-threatening. Call us immediately if you have been injured while walking or jogging.
  • Bicycle Accident Lawyers. We represent cyclists who have been injured by aggressive or careless drivers. If you or your child have been injured in a bicycle accident, contact a board-certified personal injury trial lawyer today to discuss your case and right to compensation. Bicycle accidents happen every day and are usually caused by negligent auto drivers. Often, bicycle accidents are caused by aggressive conduct by drivers who do not think bike riders deserve to share the road.”

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